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41. Medieval Abbey A medieval abbey and the village that grew up close to it to supply its needs Supports: textbooks History Rich and poor in Tudor times; Religion: church
Playing time: 3 min

42. Spectacular Alpine skiing A very exciting trip from mountain top to valley bottom on skis. Supports: textbook geography Mountain; Science: Gravity and Friction and Materials Playing time: 5 min

43. Rhine Gorge barges The Rhine is Europe's biggest river and in its centre section it flows through a spectacular gorge. It is all modern barges can do to push upstream against the fast current. Supports: textbook Geography: River, Science: Buoyancy Playing time: 3 min

44. Spectacular changes in mountain weather Is there any difference between valley floor and mountaintop weather? Find out as we travel across the Sierras of California. Supports: textbook Geography: Weather/altitude/rainshadow; Environment: vegetation zones; Mountain: vegetation zones Playing time: 8 min

45. How does heat travel? Conduction carries heat from one place to another. Supports: Science: Conduction; Materials Playing time: 3 min

46. Castle What is a castle like, and how did it work? Supports: History: castle Playing time: 13 min

47. The first civilisation What was the first civilisation like in the Middle EAst. Find out how complex it was, and what amazing buildings it put up.. Supports: textbook Babylon to Baghdad; First Civilisation Playing time: 13 min

48. Balancing forces Simple ways to look at how balancing forces work Supports: textbooks Science Forces Playing time: 3 min

49. Corn shucking Did you know that taking the husk off corn is called shucking? Here is a video that shows how to cook corn and steak in an American classic dinner dish. Supports: textbooks Food Playing time: 4 min

50. May Bug The beetle that emerges in swarms every few Mays. Supports: textbooks Science Habitat. Minibeasts Playing time: 2 min

51. London's Canary Wharf Shows how one of the world's most famous financial districts grew like a phoenix out of the docklands ashes. Supports: textbooks Energy; Environment Playing time: 5 min

52. Ancient village Most villages have a long history. Find out about this one and its 1500 years of existence. Supports: textbooks Geography Rich and poor in Tudor times; Tudor Age of Discovery; Science: Homes we lived in Playing time: 3 min

53. Spotty start to Christmas A Christmas story read out. Can be followed by viewers page for page. Supports: English fiction modern stories Playing time: 13 min

54. Ludlow Marcher castle Aerial view of Ludlow Castle. Closely connected to the history of the Welsh Marches and Henry VIII. See also Ludlow town video. Supports: textbooks Tudor times Playing time: 3 min

55. Medieval Ludlow Planned Town One of England's most spectacular ancient towns, including a castle and town walls. Supports: textbooks Geography: Settlement, Where we live; History: Tudors Playing time: 6 min

56. A year in the life of a tree A year in the life of a tree. Supports: Science: living things; Geography: seasons Playing time: 5 min

57. Ironbridge and the Industrial Revolution Why the World's Industrial Revolution started in the Ironbridge gorge. Supports: textbook Victorians Playing time: 10 min

58. Edinburgh's Castle Rock The reason Edinburgh has a castle on a rock and a Royal Mile sloping down from it. Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement, Volcano; History: Victorians Playing time: 4 min

59. Edinburgh's famous Princes St How Princes St came to be, what it was like in the past, and what it is like today. Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement: planned towns Playing time: 4 min

60. How Edinburgh Castle and Old Town grew and survived Edinburgh castle - the most beseiged in the world - and Old Town. Supports: textbook Settlement, Medieval Playing time: 6 min