Conduction (Heat)

What is conduction? Conduction is the sharing of heat between two objects that are touching.

Conduction of heat is warming up the saucepan ready for cooking.

Conduction is a way of sharing heat when objects touch. Conduction can happen in solids, liquids and gases. Conduction also takes place between liquids and solids (when hot water passes through a central heating system and heats the radiators) and between gases and solids (when a gas flame heats a saucepan). In a refrigerator it takes place between a gas (air in the fridge) and a solid (the cooling element) and between the cooling element and the gas inside it). You will be able to think of many other examples. Animals, for example, cuddle up together to share warmth by conduction. Heat cannot move by conduction through space.

Video: Conduction.

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