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21. Giant Redwoods The world's biggest trees rise majestically from the Californian mountain slopes. Supports: textbooks Geography Caring for our environment and Science 4B Habitats
Playing time: 5 min

22. Spectacular Niagara Falls - by boat A very exciting trip to the bottom of the falls and the plunge pool. Supports: textbook geography River Playing time: 3 min

23. How did giant tors form? Granite tors are a big tourist attraction, but how did they form, and why do they stand proud of the surrounding landscape? Supports: textbook The Mountain Book, Volcanoes and earthquakes Playing time: 3 min

24. Amazing lighthouse beams How does a small lamp in a lighthouse make such a powerful narrow beam? Supports: textbook Science 6F light Playing time: 3 min

25. Why do sand spits form? Sand spits are long, curved fingers of sand that jut into the sea. Supports: textbook The Coast Book Playing time: 3 min

26. The fort that explorers Lewis and Clark built This is a reconstruction of one of the more famous forts built when American explorers Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific Ocean in 1805 Supports: textbook Age of Discovery; US Frontier Playing time: 10 min

27. Amazing nature: lava in Hawaii This great tongue of lava poured from a Hawaiian volcano for months. You can see (and hear) lava flows, fountains, crater and more. Supports: textbook Mountain; Volcano and Earthquake Playing time: 5 min

28. Tudor Hampton Court Palace A stunning aerial view of Hampton Court Palace begun by one of the most wealthy Tudors, Cardinal Wolsey. Supports: textbooks Rich and poor in Tudor times Playing time: 3 min

29. Saxon fortified burh of Wareham One of the best surviving Saxon walled towns (earthen walls) and once one of the most important towns in Alfred the Great's England. Supports: textbooks 'Saxon Raiders and Settlers Playing time: 3 min

30. Headland lighthouse The way that lighthouses protect our coasts and how they came to be Supports: textbooks 'Science Light Playing time: 3 min

31. Solar farm Shows how waste ground can be used for solar energy. Supports: textbooks Energy; Environment Playing time: 2 min

32. Coast sand dunes Long ridges of sand beside a sandy beach Supports: textbooks Geography Coast; Environment Playing time: 3 min

33. Stonehenge The most famous Stone Age monument in Britain from the air. Supports: textbooks Stone Age Playing time: 13 min

34. 19th century terraced houses Explains how what was once in the country is now an inner city area and why buildings were constructed as they were. Contains stunning illustrations as well as aerial work. Supports: textbooks Victorians Gilded Age Playing time: 3 min

35. Microbes and first aid When treating open wounds, microbes are what you need to worry about. Supports: textbooks Science Body, Circulation Playing time: 3 min

36. Old Faithful Geyser The world's most spectacular geyser. Supports: Geography Mountain River Playing time: 5 min

37. Battle of Hastings The end of Saxon and Viking times and the battle that saw the start of Norman England. Supports: textbook Mountain Playing time: 10 min

38. Thanksgiving dinner Traditional Thanksgiving food, American style. Supports: textbook Food, History Colonial times; Tudor Age of Discovery Playing time: 13 min

39. Using a thermal blanket What science lies behind a thermal emergency blanket and what alternatives you might use. Supports: textbook Science Keeping warm and cool and Materials; wellbeing: first aid Playing time: 6 min

40. Using a wound dressing How a wound dressing works and how to use it. Supports: textbook Science Keeping warm and cool and Materials; wellbeing: first aid Playing time: 6 min