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61. Xmas lights in Georgian times How to make a simple fantastic table decoration as they did 200 years ago. Supports: textbook Victorians Playing time: 6 min

62. Edinburgh's Arthur's Seat The highest point in lowland Scotland, and right beside Edinburgh, was once a giant volcano. Today it is famous for spectacular views. Supports: textbook geography Mountain; Settlement/History: Iron Age fort Playing time: 3 min

63. Edinburgh's TWO Regency New Towns One of many famous features of Edinburgh is the Regency New Town area fronted by Princes St. This drone view gives a spectacular transect from castle to Regency circuses, and some. Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement; History: Regency/Victorian Playing time: 3 min

64. The English street village that was once a Welsh frontier post How a village grows up to be along a single street Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement; History: Tudor, Saxon, Medieval Playing time: 6 min

65. William I's famous Windsor Castle Where, why and how the castle was built and remodelled over a thousand years. Supports: History: medieval, castle; Geography: settlement Playing time: 6 min

66. Looe Fishing town A fishing town situated in a rugged coast Supports: Geography: settlement Playing time: 6 min

67. Plymouth from the Hoe How Plymouth grew up as a famous naval port. Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement; local studies Playing time: 6 min

68. The history of Battersea, London How Battersea, Clapham, Wandsworth London came to be Supports: textbooks Geography: Settlement; History: Victorian times Playing time: 6 min

69. Hereford from the air The history of Hereford and what it looks like from the air today. Supports: textbooks Geography: settlement' History: Saxons Playing time: 4 min

70. Tamar Bridges, Plymouth Two of Britain's most impressive bridges from two different centuries. Supports: textbooks: Science Structures and materials. History: railway Playing time: 4 min

71. The River Exe and Exeter Shows how Exeter grew up from a Roman fort to present times. Supports: textbooks Geography: settlement; Local studies Playing time: 5 min

72. Landslides and mudflows at the coast Dramatic views of a coast covered with landslides, mudflows and fossils. Supports: textbooks Geography Coast; Science: fossils Playing time: 4 min

Note: the museum also has many videos of fossils, so check them out by clicking HERE!"
73. Spectacular Durdle Door natural arch See how the arch formed, and fly through its 'door'. Supports: Geography coast Playing time: 4 min

74. Hedgehog Hedgehog from very close. Supports: textbooks Science living things Playing time: 4 min

75. Stacks, arches and caves at Ballard Down One of England's most spectacular coasts in chalk. Drone view of the cliffs and features from the sea. Supports: textbooks Geography: Coast Playing time: 4 min

76. A prairie dog's world Prairie dogs roles as a keystone species. Supports: Science: living things; Geography: semi-arid ecosystems; Environment: saving our planet Playing time: 5 min

77. Walking with lava Walking underground with lava flows. Supports: textbook Victorians Playing time: 6 min

78. Death Valley's Badwater salt lake This lake surface is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, and famous for being scorching hot. Supports: textbook Geography: Desert; Water cycle Playing time: 4 min

79. Crater lake, Oregon, the world's third deepest lake How Crater Lake, Oregon, formed as the result of an immense explosion 6000 years ago. Supports: textbook Geography: Volcano and Earthquake Playing time: 5 min

80. Scalding-hot volcanic mudpots Superheated water features telling of hot rocks below the surface. Supports: textbook Geography: Mountains, Earthquake and volcano Playing time: 4 min