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81. California mission What the original 'monasteries', or working missions, of California looked like;
this one is in Los Angeles Supports: History: pioneers Playing time: 3 min

82. Volcanic cinder cone Cinder cones are small cones made of golf-ball sized pieces of lava that fell as volcanic bombs. Supports: textbook geography Mountain: volcanic materials Playing time: 3 min

83. The forest that naturally stands up to fire and drought Mixed Mediterranean forest contains many drought and fire-resistant plants. The disastrous fires of these areas are because people won't let nature take its course... Supports: textbook Science:Plant; Geography: Biomes /Living things in their environment Playing time: 3 min

84. Pioneer prairie 'sod houses' when all they had was soil How American 19th century pioneers on the prairies used prairie sods to made houses from the earth they farmed where the land had no timber, and they had no money. Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement; History: 19th century, pioneers, frontier. Homes: pioneer Playing time: 6 min

85. Salmon ladder live feed See a live feed of salmon swimming up fish ladders on the Columbia River, and find out about the life cycle of salmon. Supports: Science: Life cycles Playing time: 4 min

86. Corfe castle A classic hilltop castle Supports: Geography: settlement; History: medieval/castle Playing time: 3 min

87. Electrical power cables How electricity is carried around the countryside. Supports: textbook Geography: Energy; Science: Electricity Playing time: 2 min

88. The history of mining in Cornwall and Devon, England How mining became important, what it was like, and what remains today Supports: textbooks Geography: Settlement; Science: metals Playing time: 8 min

89. The first white horse in the world The history the world's first work of art as a white horse _ 100 long and built 3000 or more years ago! Supports: textbooks History: Stone Age Playing time: 4 min

Note: the museum also has many videos of artefacts, so check them out by clicking HERE!"
90. Train types Intercity v local trains, a a short maths timetable test,Geography: transport History: railway Playing time: 4 min

91. Iron Age hill fort Shows how Iron Age hill forts were made using spectacular aerial footage. Supports: textbooks Geography: settlement; Local studies; History: Iron Age Playing time: 5 min

Note: the museum also has many videos of artefacts, so check them out by clicking HERE!"
92. Snowdrops Snowdrops flowering in the snow and sheltered under woodland trees. Supports: textbooks Science: life cycles Playing time: 4 min

Note: the museum also has many videos of plants, so check them out by clicking HERE!"
93. Catamaran Large catamarans are used for fast ferries. Supports: Geography coast; Science: Forces (floating, streamlining) Playing time: 2 min

94. Newquay resort, Cornwall How this large resort developed due to the railway. Supports: textbooks Geography: settlement; Coast; History: railway Playing time: 4 min

95. Boot Hill Wild West cemetary for gunslingers. Supports: textbooks History: wild west: also: Arizona Playing time: 4 min

96. Bodie Ghost Town One of the world's most famous ghost towns from mining days. Supports: History: wild west mining towns of gold rush days; also California Playing time: 5 min

97. Gunfight cow town What a gunfight was like in teh Wild West. Supports: textbook History: Frontiuer and also Wild West Playing time: 6 min

98. Sir Francis Drake and St Augustine Sir Francis Drake visited and made this first map of this ancient town. Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement; History: Age of Discovery; Colonial times Playing time: 6 min

99. Morenci mine, the world's largest copper mine This is the world's biggest open cast copper mine. Supports: textbook Geography: Where minerals are founf Playing time: 2 min

100. York medieval shambles The city wall at York and the Shambles area within it. Drive-thru. Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement; History: Medieval times Playing time: 3 min