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101. Saguaro cactus (the famous one) Shows a saguaro cactus in the Arizona desert, and how it is related to other desert plants.
Supports: Geography: desert; Science biome: desert Playing time: 3 min

102. Nodding donkey (oil well) Shows oilfield with pumps (nodding donkeys). Supports: textbook geography energy: science: energy, fuels Playing time: 2 min

103. Elk (deer) Elk grazing by a river. Supports: textbook geography Mountain: science: habitats, food chains Playing time: 5 min

104. Snowdon summit with corries (cwms) Views from the summit of Snowdon mountain showing glacial features Supports: textbook Geography: Mountain; transport Playing time: 3 min

105. Shanghai riverfront Shows one of the most famous skylines in the world, and the world's largest city. Supports: Geography settlement:China; Shanghai, Yangtze River Playing time: 4 min

106. Hong Kong shopping Shows modern and traditional shopping areas of Hong Kong Supports: geography settlement: China, Hong Kong Playing time: 3 min

107. The Terracotta Warriors of China The famous thousand upon thousand of terracotta (baked clay) warriors made to guard an emperor's tomb. Supports: textbook Geography: China; History: China, first emperor Playing time: 3 min

108. Tiger Leaping Gorge, China The world's deepest gorge on the headwaters of the Chang Jian (Yangtze River). Supports: textbooks Geography: River Playing time: 2 min

109. How we farm: adding manure Supports: textbooks Geography: environment; Science: farming Playing time: 3 min

110. How we farm: harrowing Supports: textbooks Geography: environment; Science: farming Playing time: 3 min

111. How we farm: ridging Shows how field crops are ridged up to add drainage and keep down weeds. Supports: textbooks Geography: environment; Science: farming Playing time: 5 min

112. Stone Age Avebury Avebury is the world's biggest stone circle. But outside it is an even bigger henge. Supports: textbooks History: Stone Age Playing time: 4 min

Note: the museum also has many videos of artefacts, so check them out by clicking HERE!"
113. Oxford Aerial view of Oxford colleges. Supports: Geography: settlement Playing time: 3 min

114. Camel Camels in the desert. Supports: textbooks Science: habitat Playing time: 2 min

115. Swindon Swindon from the air. Supports: textbook: Geography Where we Live Playing time: 3 min

116. Wheat One of the world's most important grains. Supports: Geography: Farming, Science: Food Playing time: 3 min

117. The real story of Domesday How and why the Domesday Book came to be written. Supports: textbook History: 1066; Medieval Britain Playing time: 6 min

118. Crocuses Crocuses showing pollen. Supports: textbook Science: plant books Playing time: 2 min

119. The story of Magna Carta The story of the world's most important legal document. Supports: textbook History: medieval Playing time: 10 min

120. Georgian Bath The famous Circus at Bath Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement; History: Georgian times Playing time: 3 min