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241. What was the first Thanksgiving really like? A famous American tradition from English colonial times and what it must really have been like.
Supports: textbooks History: Colonial times

242. Hedgehog How hedgehogs live and what we can do to help them.
Supports: textbooks Science: habitats

243. Victorian tree decorations How to make simple decorations
Supports: textbooks History: Victorian times; Science: using materials

244. The Pilgrim Fathers and early colonists at Plimoth Plantation The most famous of all colonial places in North America
Supports: textbooks History: Age of Discovery; History: Colonial times

245. Falling leaves What happens when leaves fall
Supports: textbooks Science plant, habitat, Geography: seasons
Finding out how falling leaves change.

246. Alpine tundra How plants adapt to extreme cold, wind and snow
Supports: textbooks Science plants; Geography: biomes

247. Leafcutter ants Investigate how leafcutter ants work in a tropical rainforest
Supports: textbooks Geography: Rainforest; Science: Habitat; Food chain
Watch leafcutter ants carrying leaves

248. What is Bristol like? Investigate the history of Bristol, then take a drive-thru journey.
Supports: textbooks Geography: Where we live; Local studies: SW England

249. Whitby Investigate the ancient port of Whitby
Supports: textbooks Geography: Settlement

250. Cardiff Cardiff is the capital city of Wales.
Supports: textbook Geography: Settlement

251. Hard water How to tell if your water is hard and contains high levels of calcium.
Supports: textbook Science: Dissolving

252. Limescale Limescale in a washing machine.
Supports: textbook Science: Dissolving

253. Ipswich Ipswich history and local study.
Supports: textbook Settlement

254. Wrexham Wrexham history and local study.
Supports: textbook Settlement