Hadrian, Emperor

Who was Hadrian? Hadrian was Roman emperor from 76AD to 138AD. He was one of the 'good' emperors and famous for his building works.

A bust of Emperor Hadrian.

Hadrian was born in 76AD in Spain, but was the son of a Roman family. He rose to power and became Roman Emperor from 117 to 138 (his death). He is famous for ordering the construction of many buildings, including the Pantheon temple in Rome. He is best known for Hadrian's Wall. He is known as one of the Five Good Roman Emperors (there were far more bad ones).

Hadrian was related to Trajan and became emperor on Trajan's death.

During his reign, Hadrian travelled to nearly every province of the Empire. He greatly respected Greek art and design as well as many of their ideas.

Hadrian knew about the importance of the army and spent a long time with his troops, and usually wore army uniform. He was responsible for the army getting ever-better training.

Video: Hadrian's wall.

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