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Curriculum Visions is a trading mark of Atlantic Europe Publishing Co Ltd
•If you are a finance officer, check Atlantic Europe Publising (not Curriculum Visions) on your school finance package.

To contact us please use e-mail. Click here.

Phone? As we have adaopted a dispersed working model, we no longer have a fixed office or phone. We also find we can answer queries more efficiently through email.


Here is one place where prices are NOT going up. We are holding our prices steady despite inflation, making it easier for you to fit our robust learning platform into your budget.

(*) Recent school head comments:
"Curriculum Visions has been a god send during Lockdown. Top quality resources and reading materials. Thank you."
"There is lots available through CV that would be useful for Nursery."
"There is so much on there so it will be really useful for us and exciting for the children. Thanks again for your help today."
About the field trip booklets: "Really excellent. I could have done with this when I was teaching [the topic]" (Well, they are there when you teach it again! - B)

[If you have comments and suggestions for improvements, we would welcome them Click here.]

•• Watch the intro and tour videos for answers to common FAQs. Click HERE ••


One of our team has been in Jerusalem, so look out for new videos in our religion books, or search Jerusalem, or look in New Videos.

You may have noticed we are now introducing dual level books, and many of these are audiobooks, too. These are designed to maximise the range of students in ability and ages who will find something useful. They read out automatically for students who cannot read as well as others, and hyperlinks take the more able to further detail. They are really exciting, and the latest even includes the title 'Why kids hate veggies'. Find them in the library.

ALSO... many textbooks now also have audio capability. In these cases you need to choose to listen by clicking the speaker on the screen. The voice then speaks out the main text.

I am very keen to find new ways to support people with different skills. So we have introduced a new way of learning after school: a kind of Curriculum 'Newsround' for students to get important ideas all conveyed in a few minutes. It pops up at about 6pm and ends about 10pm. Just one topic a week, unless you tell me you would like it to change to daily. Let me know if you think times should change. Also excellent for people who learn in different ways, and also for those with visual difficulties. It started yesterday evening. Take a look.

Plan to use our academy teaching as a backup/reinforcement/overview in Geography, History, Religion and Science with the Academy LESSONS. Includes teacher-led video with worksheets and answers. For class, catch up, teachers covering colleagues + out of school illnesses. Click here or the academy button on the home screen. Gives lesson plans, lessons and answers....

Report bugs. If there weren't strange bugs here and there in a website of 750,000+ files, it wouldn't be called software. It would be called Make Believe. So if you do notice any bugs, please let us know at our technical support desk and we'll have a fix for you as fast as we possibly can.

Privacy policy. Our single cookie holds your passwords locally on your computer for your convenience. It does not send any information to us. When your school logs on, the school logon is compared to our database for the sole purpose of refusing entry to those who are unauthorised. As passwords are shared across a school, we do not, and cannot identify or collect information on any individual's use of the site. Our site does not connect to, nor share, information with any other site on the web, for example, we have no links to YouTube. That is why we know we have a safe search. Our data protection policy notice is here.

Our mission: "unlimited access to give a level learning field for all"

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•• Watch the tour video to see how it works. Click HERE ••

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