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If your school has a membership with us then all students and parents enjoy free access to all books and videos. Ask for passwords from your school.

Learning on your own (free lessons)

Academy spoken lessons, like the sample below, are password free. You can watch the academy lessons without signing on, so anyone can learn for free. You only need passwords when you want to open books and videos or worksheets (see below).

Here is how:
1. From the home page, choose your subject (Geography/History/Science/Religion)
2. Choose your topic (e.g. Tudors)
3. On the screen that opens click the Academy icon
4. Click Lesson 1, and watch the video FULL SCREEN
Watch the lesson more than once, until you understand everything!

Then choose lesson 2 etc

Learning on your own (with membership)

If you are working on your own or at home and have membership, you can watch all of the videos and open all of the books to get a rich experience. Here is how to proceed:

1. Choose a topic you would like to study, say Geography, coast. The topic page will open.

Lots of things will be displayed. Don't worry. Just stay at the top.

2. Open up the main book on the top left of the topic screen.

It is often easier to get to grips with a subject by watching videos. Play the videos in the book. Each one is part of the topic course. Don't worry about reading the whole book yet, but just look at the page heading and connect page heading and video in your mind.

If you didn't understand everything about a video, play it again.

3. Close the book (close the tab or window).
Now click on the Academy Lessons picture on the top right of the topic screen. When it opens, click on Lesson 1.

Play the introduction video lesson, which is given by an expert teacher. That will tell you what the first part of the book is trying to teach. Connect this in your mind with the page headings as before.

4. Have a go at the worksheet. To answer these questions you may need to read the pages of the book, but by now you will already have a sense of what the topic is all about, so reading should be easy.

5. Then move on to Lesson 2 etc. Take your time.

Here is what a typical academy video is like:

Sample lesson: All introduction academy lesson videos like this one are free to watch

Play video full screen. If you have a printed edition of the book, have that open, too.

Academy Xpress: FAST expert teaching

Academy Xpress is for teachers, parents and students working to cover a course to the highest standards in or out of class as a catchup or fast review.
• You may be a teacher who needs to brush up on a new topic
• You may be a parent who has to help at home
• You may be a student who has been off school and missed out, or simply needs to go over an area again to understand it better
English is embedded into each subject course.


Further help: We have been working with Unity Schools Partnership and their Research School to give the best support available. If your school needs additional structured support with Science, Geography or History do consider getting in touch with them. Their primary courses use our books as the literature spine to complement their work, so all the support will be integrated. If you'd like more information please visit by clicking here:


There are several simple lesson units
containing video introductions and worksheets making a complete self-contained course. See what they are like by clicking the example below, which is Geography Mountain.