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If you are a teacher, and have never before had a free trial for your school, you may ask for a free trial for your school. Please click the membership button.

'This resource is vital in our school, helping our students become independent learners both at home and in school. It helps them build up a wealth of knowledge.'

'It helps us to afford a wonderful range of books in these financially-challenging times when we could never afford more than the basic printed books.'

Membership subscriptions

Membership is priced by the total number of working classrooms per month above Kindergarten, and chargeable yearly in advance. Here are the benefits:

Please choose your username and password appropriate to your school before you sign up for a trial.
Silver classroom for schools
Access to books, videos and search as well as student toolkits. [Teacher downloadable and printable resources excluded.]
$3.40/classroom/month (charged yearly in advance)
Platinum classroom for schools
Access to everything INCLUDING teacher and student toolkits, downloadables, printables.
$3.60/classroom/month (charged yearly in advance) OUR MOST POPULAR OPTION
Individual teacher or classes fewer than whole school
Access to everything INCLUDING teacher resources for a single named teacher's personal use in their class. One connection at a time.
$6.60/month per class charged yearly in advance.

Work out how affordable it is per student:

You pay for the total number of classrooms you have in your school above Kindergarten (EXAMPLE: 6 classrooms in a small school $3.60 x 12 months= $259.20) Note: You must count all classrooms, you cannot select just part of a school unless you wish to pay at the higher individual rate). Kindergarten is a FREE bonus with your paid subscription.

You pay by the number of main teaching classrooms you have, so once you have a paid subscription these uses are free:
Free kindergarten classes

Free computer suite access

Free library access

Free access for teachers and students at home

Separate password for teacher toolkits prevents student access to teacher resources.

Here is the detail:
Complete toolkit support (books, videos, wall display materials, lesson plans, worksheets, reproducibles and far more) for your curriculum in the key areas of States Studies, Geography, History, Science etc plus safe student search (no external links).
Presentation materials for use on whiteboard and on learning/working walls and printables for giving out to students.

Full access to our sister site

This is a site in International English with additional materials geared to an international audience (but still contains the vast majority of what you enjoy in American Learning Library).

Prepare your lessons on the train or bus with wifi or internet signal on your way to school, or on your lap in your sitting room at home using your tablet or phone.

"I discovered I was buying into several subscriptions, while with Curriculum Visions American Learning Library I had everything I wanted in one place, and so could save the cost of those other subscriptions. Not only that, but the quality was higher."