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Native American woodland living
A hugely interesting history and cultural video with many uses. Note: this kind of video can be used in many situations. Make a list of 10 things you can use it for, for example, 1 materials, 2 forces (bending saplings to make a frame), 3 grinding corn, 4 What native peoples ate in past centuries 5... the list is endless. Movies are very versatile over wide age ranges. Have 5 or more questions prepared so that videos are not passive watching. Playing time: 5 min

Dark stratus cloud of a depression Typical thick, dark layer stratus cloud in a front. Supports: textbook: Weather around our world. Geography/Science: depressions, low pressure, clouds Playing time: 1 min

What was Offa's Dyke? Walking along Offa's Dyke with historic context narrative. Supports: textbook: History: Saxon raiders and settlers Playing time: 5 min

What do we know about ghost mines? Industrial archaeology and good for a local study. Supports: textbook: History: Victorians Playing time: 5 min

The march of the mushrooms How mushrooms grow, what they do, and how they fit into the food chain. Supports textbook: Science:food chains, creative topic: Mould. Playing time: 5 min

Custer's Last Stand The Battle of the Little Bighorn between Native Americans and the US Army under Custer. Supports textbook: History: frontier Playing time: 5 min

The loneliest road The loneliest road in the United States stretches across the desert lands near to Great Salt Lake, Utah. Supports textbook: Geography: desert, mountain; History: Native Americans; Science; biomes Playing time: 5 min

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