Topic boxes

Many of you use topic boxes, often ordered from school library services. Here are our virtual equivalents for a range of popular topics.
You can download the file (aka box) of your choice, and distribute it to students. When you/they click on a book from these virtual boxes, it will immediately open and become live. All you need is the school password. You can open them on any device, anywhere.
Especially useful for projects if you don't have sufficient physical books when you may be having to work from home.
Remember, our core textbooks have embedded videos, so you can be sure students will have the appropriate videos to hand at home as well as in school.

You can share topic boxes via work exchange opposite, just download them to your desktop and upload to work exchange from there.

Work exchange

This is your own school file share program, allowing you to share homework docs, video and audio.

This is meant for temporary files you need to send out easily to multiple students/colleagues. You can even upload videos, for example a short video you make to give instructions to students.

Usually just using it as a guest will do, and then you don't need to login. But each teacher can create an account if they want to keep their files for longer than a few days.

To exchange doc or video add the e-mails of people who are to receive the files and press send. They get a link to download your material.

Students can return work to you as guests, so they don't need accounts.

New videos library

See all of the new videos we have added. Videos normally go into search and the subjects, but you can also find the most recent 200+ here. They also auto advance, so you can simply sit back and watch them roll by if you wish.

New library books

See all of the new books we have added. Books normally go into search and the subjects, but you can also find the entire library here, with the newest ones on the last bookshelf.

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