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Every student succeeds with our magical learning


• What is magical about our learning programme?

What is magical about our learning programme, and why does it do more to ensure that every student succeeds? It's simple. Just open one of our video textbooks and you will find not only authoritative, yet accessible text and pictures, but also videos that jump right off the page. It's as though you and your students are really there, whether it is watching a science experiment, walking along a beach or visiting a castle. Jump-out videos start right on the cover – where an introduction video can say more in a few minutes than hours of teaching. It gives all children a perspective that will carry them through the detail of the book. And then, when you search for a word, not only is the search safe, with no tracking, but it gives you a page with graded learning, simple at the top, harder as you go down. And there is more. The search terms often have their own embedded videos. And there is even more. At the bottom are curated, levelled book links as well as links to the whole subject – again created and levelled. No one else offers that while maintaining a stunning visual experience. That is why our platform is suited to SEN as well as the most able, to those who learn best from the printed word as well as those who learn better from visual and audio media. It truly does allow the best chance of success for all. And small schools get the same level of access as large ones, disadvantaged areas get the same level of support as privileged ones. And there is always something local to your area as a bonus. That is what is magical about our learning support.

We underpin and parallel your curriculum, offering the text books you may already use as well as a vast array of topic-specific digital books that are meant as highly-visual readers.

The digital books are page-turning real books, make fantastic literacy readers, and are presented in a format ideal for easy reading from mobile devices.

The website is structured so that every subject module has the same attractive presentation layout. This means students and teachers know exactly where they are and can concentrate on content no matter what the subject is.

We feature a two track access system. Students (and teachers) can use our safe internal search (no external links) and teachers can use our subject trees if they feel more comfortable that way. They both end up in the same place – our toolkit screens where everything is shown in one place, making project and lesson work so easy.

The search screens are carefully structured so that more detail is presented as you go down the page. Many have video support. At the bottom of each search screen is further reading and a link to an appropriate toolkit page.

We feature responsive videos books because many students learn best if they hear and see material before they read it. If they see and hear it, then read the same material in a book, this offers the maximum reinforcement confidence for all abilities.

We promote self-learning in school and outside with parents. Our materials are meant to be engaging for families as well as classrooms.

• We have a huge supply of teacher resources from lesson plans and literacy sheets to wall materials and spelling practice. They are all part of the website, with no add-on fee. Teachers get to them through a supplied teacher password. So as a teacher you can find what you want all in one place, which is one less thing to worry about.

We focus on a 'no child left behind' approach. Our responsive video books are at the heart of this. Books are also subtly graded on their covers to allow teachers to guide students to appropriate level books. We often have more than one reading level of book for a topic.

We are amazingly affordable, and with your support intend to remain so. The more member schools, the more we can hold prices. Our prices are from £3.50 per classroom per month (whole school basis/year membership). No one can get close to matching the value for money or quality of materials we offer.

We are passionate teachers, and add material all the time. There is always something exciting and new at Curriculum Visions, as our home screen new tab demonstrates.

• The age of responsive video books

If you are a long-term member of the platform, you will have seen the way that the books have steadily become more responsive. Now book pages can be enlarged and dragged (fabulous for whiteboards), and every book can be searched (the search bar is top right on the book page). On vertically-held tablets and phones the books are displayed one full page at a time and are a joy to read. Swipe to move on. Best opened in tabs, so you can go back to the home screen and keep the book window open, too. Now we have added videos on pages of our core textbooks. We have hundreds more to add, so keep looking our for them.

As a result of these improvements, books have become much more useful and flexible. Our digital platform provides by far the most economical way to let staff have books and other materials to use at home and on whiteboards and also students to use with their parents at home. As publishers of printed books we are not trying to see the demise of things you hold in the hand, but we want to give you more flexibility, and to give you books on specialist topics we could not afford to publish in printed form. We produce new digital books every week.

• Curriculum Visions worldwide

We have schools world-wide benefiting from what we do. That includes the USA and Canada, where we have always produced acclaimed supplementary books. Our sister website has US English books. If you have a membership for any of our websites you have a membership for them all. Our science books have also been adopted by the Chinese government to underpin their elementary grades in Science and English. As they are first in the world in literacy rankings, I think that says it all. And any books we do for China are available to everyone else on our website, as we think everyone in the Curriculum Visions family should benefit from anything we do.

• Curriculum Visions, privacy and usage statistics

Sometimes people ask us to tell them how many pages a class of their school has read, or even more detail about the activity of students and teachers. Let me be crystal clear. We do not collect personal usage data or school usage data. I am as pleased if someone has found a single page useful once a month as I am if they use it a thousand times a day. Ask yourself: how often to you go to any one textbook? Once or twice a year whenever you are doing that topic. But when you do go, you find the textbook vital. And do you ever complain that for the rest of the year the textbooks are sitting in a store cupboard? Of course you don't. Exactly the same logic applies to online material. If you are truly interested in education, then you have to trust learning into the hands of the users. Unfortunately too many people think that clicks equals value. It is a problem they have to overcome. We do not deal in individual or school usage statistics for good moral and educational reasons. At some point you have to take a stand in what you believe, and that is what we believe at Curriculum Visions. If you are a member, I am sure you believe that, too.


(Dr Brian Knapp)




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